Learn the best productivity tips, recommended tools and frameworks, and other hacks for software developers. Hosted by 7.dev's Kristian Freeman.

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Hack the Full-Stack Dev Roadmap: Building a Junior Portfolio

#3: In this episode, Kristian covers how to build a great portfolio as a junior developer–great projects that look good in a portfolio, and how to cover the breadth of...

Hack the Full-Stack Dev Roadmap: Junior Backend

#2: In the second part of the "Hack the Full-Stack Dev Roadmap" series, Kristian looks at how junior developers can learn the backend.Most aspiring developers are usin...

Hack the Full-Stack Dev Roadmap: Junior Frontend

#1: Welcome to the 7.dev Podcast, where we explore how to hack your software development career with productivity tips, new tools and frameworks, and more. In this epi...

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