Hacking the Dev Environment

#5: In this episode, Kristian explores hacking the dev environment–updating your text editor, terminal, and other tools that make you more productive as a developer.

Links mentioned in this episode:
- Solarized theme: https://github.com/altercation/solarized
- Berkeley Mono typeface: https://berkeleygraphics.com/typefaces/berkeley-mono/
- "Developers, don't be afraid of the shell": https://www.instagram.com/p/CwndhduPYHM/
- oh-my-zsh: https://ohmyz.sh/
- Three open-source shell setups to improve your terminal experience: https://7.dev/three-open-source-shell-setups-to-improve-your-terminal-experience/
- Raycast: https://www.raycast.com/
- Amethyst: https://ianyh.com/amethyst/
- Lungo: https://sindresorhus.com/lungo

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Hacking the Dev Environment
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